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198 England chants

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Terry Terry   Tune: Super Frankie Lampard    
FromKaylalveslampsnterry (03rd April 2005)    
super super john
super super john
super super john
super john terry
i made it up miself :D

The Dambusters March The Dambusters March   Tune: The Dambusters March    
FromBen Schofield (08th June 2002)    
The dambusters march tune.
Sung by Lincoln fans at home lincoln
games then it has been adopted by
England fans aswel.
It is sang at Lincoln matches because
the dambusters were based in
Lincolnshire so it is our Anthem aswell
as Englands.

The England Song The England Song   Tune: Clover Advert Tune    
FromDayle De Vaughan (08th October 2004)    
With Nicky Butt and Gerrard, Owen and
Wayne Rooney, Campbell and Paul
Robinson in Nets,
Theres Ferdinand and Neville, Lampard
and Cole,
Come on the England Let's have a goal!

Oh we all love England, All over this
Oh yes we all love England so F*** off
back home
Sung whenever you feel like

The Scottish Football Song The Scottish Football Song   Tune: Scots    
FromJock H8er (10th September 2003)    
You put your first goal in
you bring your first team off
in, out
in, out
your scoring all the time
you score against Scotland
and turn around
whos gone and scored a goal

Oh teams like Morocco
Oh teams like The Faroes
Oh teams like Latviiiiiaaa
whos gone and scored again?

You put your second goal in
you bring your sub keeper on
in, out
in, out
you can`t stop scoring goals
You score a 3 yard tap in
and you turn around
whos gone and scored a goal

Oh teams like Lithuania
Oh teams like Iceland
Oh teams like Belarooose
whos gone and won 5-0?

you bring your children on
you bring your top players off
in ,out
in, out
the kids are scoring goals
there beating Scotand 8-0
and they turn aroud
the jocks gone n screwed it up

Oh will you ever qualify
Oh will you ever wiiiinnn
Oh will you ever play good good good

Aimed at the nation of Scotland, no I
forgot sorry the large English county
above cumbria.

The Stoke Fans Are Here The Stoke Fans Are Here   Tune: Dunno    
FromSTOKE (06th October 2004)    
The stoke fans are here
I said the stoke fans are here
the stoke fans are here!

sung by the stokies at portugal

The White Pele The White Pele   Tune: (UNKNOWN)    
FromWINNO (22nd June 2004)    
I Saw My Mate The Other Day
He Said 2 Me I Think Ive Found The
White Pele
What Is His Name? He Sed 2 Me
I Fink Its Wayne!!
Wayne Rooney Wayne Rooney Wayne Rooney

The White Pele The White Pele   Tune: .    
FromBoris Johnson (23rd March 2016)    
The other day
He said ave ya seen
The White pele
So i said
Who is he
He said he goes by the name of Wayne
Wayne Rooney
WAYNE Rooney
He said he goes by the name
Of Wayne Rooney
England fans singing about Wayneio

There Going Home There Going Home   Tune: 3 Lions    
FromFootball Lass (11th December 2002)    
There Going home
There going home
There going,
(Brazils) going home
Brazil can be changed to woteva team

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