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79 Anti-opposition fans chants

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Never Get A Job Never Get A Job   Tune: You'll Never Walk Alone    
FromAnita Bath (02nd November 2004)    
sign on, sign on
with a pen in your hand
cos you'll never get a job
you'll never get a job
sung at scousers

No Ground Sh*t Fans No Ground Sh*t Fans   Tune: Big Ben And Other Clocks    
FromMagiclard (18th August 2002)    
No Ground Sh*t Fans,no ground sh*t fans
Sung at Wimbledon or Milton Keynes FC or
whatever last season

Northern B*st*rds Northern B*st*rds   Tune: ?    
FromAdam (24th December 2005)    
You dirty Northern b*st*rds!!
You dirty Northern b*st*rds!!!
Sung to fans of northern teams (who are
generally dirty b*st*rds)

Northern B*stard Northern B*stard   Tune: ?    
FromBarry Bastard (29th March 2003)    
I go to the pub, I drink 12 pints and I
get really plastered
I then go home and beat the wife 'cos
I'm a northern b*st*rd.
Sung at northern fans randomly

Northern Slums Northern Slums   Tune: None    
FromOUFC TILL I DIE (09th December 2003)    
in the northern slums,
in the northern slums,
your looking for something nice eat,
find a dead rat and think its a treat,
in the northern slums.
sang to northerners that come to Oxford

Northerners Northerners   Tune: Norwich Song    
FromHarry (26th February 2003)    
I go out every Friday night and get
completely plastered, then I go home and
beat my wife 'cos I'm a northern
southerners na na na


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